Identifiers are strings that can be attached to any entity, including an operator, stop, or route. Identifiers can follow a URI-style scheme.

To add or remove identifiers from an entity, use identifiedBy and notIdentifiedBy in a changeset payload. Here is an example using identifiers.

  "changeset": {
    "payload": {
      "changes": [
          "action": "createUpdate",
          "stop": {
            "onestopId": "s-9q8yt4b-1AvHoS",
            "name": "1st Ave. & Holloway Street",
            "identifiedBy": ["gtfs://sfmta/343"],
            "notIdentifiedBy": ["gtfs://sfmta/422"]
    "notes": "In this changeset, we are creating or editing a stop. If a stop with this Onestop ID already exists, we'll just update its name. If it does not already exist, we will create it."